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Reading: Project Prevent
Miss. Jan Blew -Reading Specialist
Project Prevent Newsletter


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Project Prevent is an intensive tutorial program developed for use with first grade children in need of extra reading services. The program intervenes with instruction before the child experiences failure in the classroom. This program was developed by Dr. Darrell Morris, while at National-Louis University, Evanston, Illinois. It borrows, in part, from the research and work of Marie Clay (Reading Recovery).

In Project Prevent, a specially trained tutor works daily with each child for a one-half hour lesson which includes both text reading and writing. Each child remains in the program until he/she is able to work at grade level.

Project Prevent is a supplement to good classroom reading instruction. Children will continue to receive regular reading instruction in the classroom.

Project Prevent assesses early reading knowledge through a diagnostic survey:
* Letter identification and production
* Sight word identification
* Decodeable words
* Concept of word
* Developmental spelling
* Text reading

Project Prevent focuses on the child’s attainment of a "self-improving" system:
* Self monitoring
* Cross checking one or more sources of information
* Successful solving of unfamiliar words

Project Prevent attempts to accelerate a child’s learning:
* Ongoing diagnosis
* Support reading
* Intensive, structured daily instruction

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