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May 1999, Volume 2, No. 7
 Updated: May 31, 1999 
A quick description of this month's top stories

Peacock students win state stock market game
Chris I., Todd D. and Michael M. were the winning team in this year's Stock Market Game. They also placed first among all the Middle schools in Illinois. Peacock has won an astounding fourteen times in the last fifteen years. The winning team increased their initial investment of $100,000 to $243,436.46 in 10 weeks.

Guys and Dolls production
This year, Peacock put on one of its biggest and most extravagant productions ever, "Guys and Dolls." Parents and teachers who attended the performances of the play complimented all of the work that went into the production, both by cast and crew members, and by teachers and parents.

The class of 1999 have their say...

News for May, 1999
Peacock seventh graders win state stock market
Tree dedicated in memory of Mrs. Six
CO2 cars race for glory
Annual arts fair showcased student talent
Earth Club rocks and rolls
Guys and Dolls production
Efficiency was the crew's motto
Student council officers take stock
Chess club holds first tournament
Band's spring concert was certainly noteworthy
Teachers announce their departure: Mr. Martin
Teachers announce their departure: Mr. Tison

Op-Ed for May, 1999
Peacock lottery is unfair
We need a pool
Scott looks back on three short years
Sewing should stay
Advisor says thank you for another great year
Sixth graders reflect on Littleton shooting
Dreams of the Children

School shooting stuns Peacock community

Features for May, 1999
Summer fashion features fun colors
Canada, a fun place to visit. Continued...
Eighth grade survey results
What will you do when you grow up?

Entertainment for May, 1999
Phantom Menace lives up to hype
Election blurs the line between right and wrong
A review of David Garza's This Euphoria
Family Guy
Rush 2
Do you know the name Cameron Mackintosh?
Ginni the Huddini returns!
The class of 1999 have their say...
Disney film crossword

Sports for May, 1999
Is it worth following the NBA?
NFL draft report - it looks like a good season
Cubs have problems but still win

Cubs beat Atlanta and continue to play well

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