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May 2000, Volume 3, No. 7
 Updated: June 1, 2000
A quick description of this month's top stories

    Peacock wins Blue Ribbon!
    Way back in March, Mrs. Bette Lewis, the Blue Ribbon Site Visitor, came to our school to observe the activities and curriculum of Peacock Middle School, and confirm that what was included in Peacock's thirty-page application to the Department of Education was true.

    Stock market success streak continues
    The Stock Market Game was started years ago by a professor at DePaul University. 1985 was the first year Peacock seventh graders, under the direction of their social studies teacher, Mr. Peel, won the game.

    Gymnast wins Junior National Championship
    Eighth grader, Elizabeth T., is best in the nation in her age class
    On May 7, Liz joined the ranks of the nation's elite young gymnasts when she took the overall first place in the U.S. Junior Olympic National Championships held at Michigan State University in Lansing.

News for May, 2000
Peacock wins Blue Ribbon!
Talent show was a popular success
Stock market success streak continues
Computer club sparks student creativity

Op-Ed for May, 2000
A message to the graduating eighth graders
Testing - do we really learn anything to help us?
Six Flags and the new advisory policy
Advisor says thank you for another great year

Features for May, 2000
Elian Gonzales - A student's viewpoint
Some of the facts in the Elian Gonzales case
Bands Boogie into the night
Joe and the bug; or, a day at the mall
Matt has hair on the brain
Summer at last
Where will you be in twenty years or so?

Entertainment for May, 2000
Eighth Grade Survey Results
Tapalpa has great Mexican cuisine
AB Diner, a super cool place to visit, but to eat?
Surf on over to Vivian Lives
Screwed isn't bad at all
Missy previews the MTV Movie Awards
The X Files 2000 - there will be an eighth season
Final words of wisdom from the class of 2000
Gary Hoey's Money – a review
All-Star Baseball 2001

Sports for May, 2000
Gymnast wins Junior National Championship
NFL 2000 draft review

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