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September 2000, Volume 4, No. 1
 Updated: August 28, 2000 
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A quick description of this month's top stories

Peacock goes Hollywood!
The Media Center has undergone several changes for the 2000/2001 school year. Most exciting, later this year for the first time, Peacock will have a video broadcast studio.

Principal discusses changes and expectations
he expected the eighth graders to show more leadership. He felt, however, that this should not be difficult if they got off to a good start...

News for September, 2000
Principal discusses changes and expectations
Peacock goes Hollywood
Peacock community dedicates Wall of Fame
Internet access from the classroom

Op-Ed for September, 2000
Change isn't always good
Together, Eighth grader reflects on the Peacock experience

Features for September, 2000
Greetings from Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Spring Brook vs. Spring Valley
School is back and here to stay
When summer ends
The storm that hit Itasca

Entertainment for September, 2000
The X Files: a season preview
Have you ever met channel 7's Tracy Butler?
Summer movies were surprisingly amusing
Rainbow Six
American High shows real teens
Creed: band member has an interesting background

Sports for September, 2000
Cross country team cruises into season

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