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Recent UpDates!


Chapter Video Reviews
iPhone Distance Mobile Learning !

Introduction – Wipeout!

Ch. 1 Crossroads! – How We Know

Ch. 2 Alley Oop! – Stone Ages

Ch. 3 Fertile Crescent – Soggy Bottom!  

Ch. 3 (b) Rolling On The River !

Ch. 4 Walk Like An Egyptian!

Ch. 5 India(na) (Jones) !

Ch. 6 China (Grove)!

Ch. 7 The Israelites !

Ch. 8 (Zorba the)Greek

Ch. 9 (Electro)Spartans

Ch. 10 Ben Hur (Rome)

Ch. 11 Turn! Turn! Turn!

Ch. 12 (Music of) Islam

Ch. 13 Africa(n) (Drums)

Ch. 14 China

Ch. 15 Japan (Teen Titans)

Postview - Back to the Future!

Rocks 2 Rock 'N Roll History!

Freebird - Are You Smarter Than A 6th Grader


* i.Phone D.istance M.obile L.earning 
   (Review on the
School Bus  or in the Car !)
    Ya’ Gotta’ Have Fun! Our World is already full of
    acronyms, so I made up one more!

    Can You Say I.D.M.L. for One Last Review  
    (before the test) On The Way To School ?


Go to Mr. Peel’s HistoryClassRoom.com
for what we’re doing in class this week
Test Dates.


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