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Where’s Grandma?




Where’s Grandma?      http://youtu.be/BsiB5vcQwcI  (One Minute Intro.)
Follow Grandma on her Time Trek Adventures and Help Her Get Back Home!
Super Granny travels through space and time to Ancient Mesopotamia, The Fertile Crescent, Egypt, Kush, India, China, Israel, Greece, The Greek World, The Roman Republic, The Roman Empire, The Christian World, The Islamic World, and Explores Early African Civilizations.

Next year, Triple Play USA!  http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/TriplePlayUSA/index.htm 

Grandma Explains “How We Know”    http://youtu.be/g6TfH_Cp3JY
1. Historians use many kinds of clues to understand how people lived in the past.
2. Physical geography and human geography contribute to the study of history.
Ch. 1 TP TECH!   


Grandma, Alley Oop, & The Cave People  http://youtu.be/dLrcmtQ5Neo
1. Prehistoric people learned to adapt to their environment, to make simple tools, to use fire,
and to use language. 2. As people migrated around the world they learned to adapt to new environments. 3. The development of agriculture brought great changes to human society.

P.A.P.E.R. TECH!   http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/ch1_2_PAPER_TECH.pdf   
Ch. 2 TP TECH!   

Grandma Goes To Mesopotamia!  http://youtu.be/18KC6XRvbtM

1. The valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were the site of the world’s first civilizations.  2. The Sumerians developed the first civilization in Mesopotamia. 3. The Sumerians made many advances that helped their society develop.
Ch. 3 TP TECH!
 http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/TPTech/Ch3TPTECHMesopotamia.pdf Ch. 3


Grandma Goes to Ancient Egypt!  http://youtu.be/0tyeHT_F6gw
1; The water, fertile soils, and protected setting of the Nile Valley allowed a great civilization to arise in Egypt around 3200 BC.  2. Egyptian government and religion were closely connected during the Old Kingdom.  3. During the Middle and New Kingdoms, order and greatness were restored in Egypt.  4. The Egyptians made lasting achievements in writing, architecture, & art.
P.A.P.E.R. TECH!  http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/Pyramid_Power_Project.pdf
Ch. 4 TP TECH!



Grandma Goes to India!  http://youtu.be/RrGJ8bUxUts 
1. Indian civilization first developed on the Indus River.  2. Hinduism, the largest religion in India today, developed out of ancient Indian beliefs and practices.  3. Buddhism began in India and became a major religion.  4. The Mauryas and the Guptas built great empires in India.  5. The people of ancient India made great contributions to the arts and sciences.

P.A.P.E.R. TECH!  http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/Taj_Mahal.pdf
Ch. 5 TP TECH!   http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/TPTech/Ch5TPTECHIndia.pdf


Grandma Goes to China!  http://youtu.be/RZt4edYTRa0    
1. Chinese civilization began with the Shang dynasty along the Huang He.  2. The Zhou dynasty brought political stability and new ways to deal with political and social changes in ancient China.  3. The Qin dynasty unified China with a strong government and a system of standardization.  4. The Han dynasty created a new form of government that valued family, art, and learning.  5. Trade routes led to the exchange of new products and ideas among China, Rome, and other peoples.
P.A.P.E.R. TECH!  http://www.itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/Great_Wall_Paper_Tech.pdf
Ch. 6 TP TECH!

Grandma Goes to Israel!   http://youtu.be/M3GftWpAElQ  
1. Originally desert nomads, the Hebrews established a great kingdom called Israel.  2. The central ideas and laws of Judaism are contained in sacred texts such as the Torah.  3. Although many Jews were forced out of Israel by the Romans, shared beliefs and customs helped Jews maintain their religion.
P.A.P.E.R. TECH!  http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/KING_Solomon_Temple_TECH.pdf
Ch. 7 TP TECH!


Grandma Goes to Greece!  http://youtu.be/5CYwT1xZuVU
1. Greece’s geography and its nearness to the sea strongly influenced the development of trade and the growth of city-states.  2. The people of Athens tried many different forms of government before creating a democracy.  3. The ancient Greeks created great myths and works of literature that influence the way we speak and write today.
P.A.P.E.R. TECH!  http://www.itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/Parthenon_Power_Tech.pdf
Ch. 8 TP TECH!   http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/TPTech/Ch8TPTECHAncientGreece.pdf  

Grandma Visits the Greek World!   http://youtu.be/5vE7Hq4lP5I
1. Over time the Persians came to rule a great empire which eventually brought them into conflict with the Greeks.  2. The two most powerful city-states in Greece, Sparta and Athens, had very different cultures and became bitter enemies in the 400s BC.  3. Alexander the Great built a huge empire and helped spread Greek culture into Egypt and Asia.  4. Ancient Greeks made lasting contributions in the arts, philosophy, and science. 
P.A.P.E.R. TECH!  http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/Greek_World.pdf
Ch. 9 TP TECH!

Grandma Goes to Rome!   http://youtu.be/rUyzDrV8HYo
1. Rome’s location and government helped it become a major power in the ancient world.  2. Rome’s tripartite government and written laws helped create a stable society. 3. The later period of the Roman Republic was marked by wars of expansion and political crises. 
P.A.P.E.R. TECH!  http://www.itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/Roman_Review_Colosseum.pdf
Ch. 10 TP TECH
!   http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/TPTech/Ch10TPTECHRomanRepublic.pdf 


Grandma - Roman & Christian Worlds   http://youtu.be/epbZCiJ4jTQ
1. After changing from a republic to an empire, Rome grew politically and economically, and developed a culture that influenced later civilizations.  2. People in the Roman Empire practiced many religions before Christianity, based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, spread and became Rome’s official religion.  3. Problems from both inside and outside caused the Roman Empire to split into a western half, which collapsed, and an eastern half that prospered for hundreds of years. 
P.A.P.E.R. TECH!  http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/Rome_Christianity.pdf
Ch. 11 TP TECH!



Grandma Goes to the Islamic World!     http://youtu.be/kXkkGN4L6WA 
1. In the harsh desert climate of Arabia, Muhammad, a merchant from Mecca, introduced a major world religion called Islam.  2. Sacred texts called the Qu’ran and the Sunnah guide Muslims in their religion, daily life, and laws.  3. After the early spread of Islam, three large Islamic empires formed – the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal.  4. Muslim scholars and artists made important contributions to science, art, and literature.
P.A.P.E.R. TECH!  http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/Islamic_World.pdf
Ch. 12 TP TECH!


Grandma Goes to Africa!     http://youtu.be/USU-rxJgBug
1. Geography, resources, culture, and trade influenced the growth of societies in West Africa.  2. The rulers of Ghana built an empire by controlling the salt and gold trade.  3. Between 1000 and 1500 three great kingdoms – Mali, Songhai, and Great Zimbabwe – developed in Africa.  4. Although the people of West Africa did not have a written language, their culture has been passed down through oral history, writings by other people, and the arts.
P.A.P.E.R. TECH!  http://itasca.k12.il.us/peacock/6team/peel/historyclassroom/Africa_TECH.pdf
Ch. 13 TP TECH!


Grandma Goes to the New World!

The World Before the Opening of the Atlantic-Triple Play USA! http://youtu.be/b-MgrNLZ-sY
1. Native American societies developed across Mesoamerica & South America. 2. Many diverse Native American cultures developed across the different geographic regions of N. America. 3. Using trade to gain wealth, Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were West Africa’s most powerful kingdoms. 4. New ideas and trade changed Europeans’ lives.

New Empires in the Americas-Triple Play USA! http://youtu.be/9tM8tmOFMUM
1. Europeans explored the world, searching for new lands and new trade routes. 2. Christopher Columbus’s voyages led to new exchanges between Europe, Africa, and the Americas. 3. Spain established a large empire in the Americas. 4. Other European nations challenged Spain in the Americas. 5. Europeans forced millions of African slaves to work in their colonies.


Grandma Goes Home . . . Exhausted!    
Granny’s Adventure Timeline!  http://youtu.be/jzIw2Bj3YhY   
Super Granny has traveled through time and been around the world. We’ve learned a Lot on Grandma’s TIME TREK ADVENTURES, however she’s tired and needs to go home now.  

Grandma Goes Back to the Future!   
Grandma’s Back in the USA! 

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