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 Did You Lose The Directions? . . . Do You Need EXTRA Credit?

Directions for Mr. Peel’s www.HistoryClassRoom.com Projects

MultiMedia Grading Rubric
(With “TIPS & TRICKS” for Movie Maker, PowerPoint, & Filming) For Common Time & HistoryClassroom.com MultiMedia Projects!
“Humvee” (H.istory M.usic V.ideo) Project
Windows Movie Maker
Step-By-Step Direction

African-American History Month Project          February – Timeline using a word processor program
New Timeline Directions
New Movie Maker Directions for G-MTV’s, HuMVees, & Family Tree Music Videos
Women’s HERstory Month Timeline Project      March – Microsoft Word Timeline Directions
Excel “ONE DAY WONDER” Project
Organize & Graph Survey Results Using Microsoft EXCEL (Step-By-Step Directions)
Family Tree Music Video Project
Make a Music Video of Your Family History!
T.A.G. License Plate Project
Ancient Blabberize
Group Project & Directions
G-MTV!  Directions & Student Products!
Meets National Education
Technology Standards (N.E.T.S.) #4, #5, & 6
iPhone Distance Mobil Learning! (I.D.M.L.)
P.roactive E.ngaged E.lectronic L.earning
Other T.A.G. Projects !
(PodCasts, P.E.E.L. Gifs, WebMagstm, etc.)
MicroSoft PUBLISHER Project
Happy Mother’s Day!
MicroSoft Publisher

And Father’s Day Card Project
Homework Help!
(Here’s what we did in class Today !)
(P.aper A.nd P.aste E.ducational R.eview)
TP TECH - U.S. History!
Rocks 2 Rock ‘N Roll !
Chapter Video Reviews
Student Created PODCASTS!
& Directions to Make Your Own!
Student Created WebMag tm
Section Reviews, Questions,
Interactive Links, (Mini-WebQuest)
and facts about the Authors!
Mr. Peel’s TeacherTube Review Videos
& Student Products. Scroll down and page through to the one you want. (200+)
HistoryClassRoom.com’s YOUTUBE Channel
Media in the Classroom Updates.
Student Survival Handbook!
Greenstuff: The Money Book!
Back to Mr. Peel’s
STUDENT Award Photo Magnets
(Teacher Project)
RANDOM Act of Kindness Collector Cards

We're learning about the Summerians, Egyptians, & Phoenicians.
Now You Can Make Your Own Rosetta Stone!
1. Google "Your Name in Cuneiform",
   "Your Name in Hieroglyphics",
    and "Your Name in Phoenician" (Watch your spelling).
2. Get a piece of clay at a craft store (Mexican Pottery Clay?) and put
    your initials in the clay with a wedge shaped stylus, use glitter glue or
    paint to write your name in Hieroglyphics, and scratch your name in Phoenician.
3. Write your name in English on the back. LET IT DRY BEFORE you bring it to school!
    Don't worry if it cracks! Just glue it back together and it will look REALLY OLD!
    Due Oct. 23 in order to get credit for this Quarter.
    Otherwise it will go on the second quarter grade.
Of Course, you could always turn it in early!
"Click Here" for Sample Student Rosetta Stones!     
"Click Here" for MORE Sample Rosetta Stones!
Be able to recite the Ancient Civilizations Timeline (Above)
(also on page R20 in the back of the Textbook).
OR Watch Mr. Peel's Video "Does History Repeat Itself?", VOTE,
and then write a persuasive essay defending your position !
Earn DOUBLE Credit!
Science Fair - Science / Scientific Method, etc. -
Extra Credit-Social Studies / Research, Charts, etc. that you did for the science fair project
(You may also do the Ancient Civilizations Timeline if you haven't done it yet!)
OR As we read about the Roman Republic
this quarter, see if you can find the ideas about Government that we borrowed from them !    
Hint #1       Hint #2       Worksheet

EARN EXTRA CREDIT ! Watch a Video & Complete the Skillsheet(s):
1. History Video --------------------------History Skillsheet
2. Government & Economics Video ----Government Skillsheet
                                                                Economics Skillsheet
3. Geography & Cultures Video --------Geography Skillsheet
                                                                Cultures Skillsheet
4. Presidents Video ----------------------Presidents Skillsheet
Ancient Civilizations Timeline
OR Roman Republic/American Gov. Worksheet
OR Watch Mr. Peel's Video "Does History Repeat Itself?",
VOTE, and then write a persuasive essay defending your position !
OR watch Mr. Peel's "Mony Mony Video" (Money Economics Video),
Write a Summary, and complete the Economics Skillsheet

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