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Avid Xpress DV

Avid Xpress DV

F.E. Peacock Middle School uses Avid Xpress DV for video production editing.

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The Video Production Program strives to extend the classroom projects within the curricular framework of Peacock Middle School and the middle school philosophy. Students learn how to combine and integrate several literacy and skill groupings. These include developing fluency in information research, problem solving and language arts skills. Building upon these areas, students are introduced to visual and media literacy. They learn communication skills in creating and performing presentations or video projects. Students learn how to work together as a team, rotate leadership roles, improvise, handle unforeseen situations that arise and gain valuable cultural literacy in the process. All of these literacies and skills are needed in the global work place.

This is a student centered environment, which promotes constructionist engaged learning. Students take ownership of their own learning and construct knowledge in a product or project that is meaningful under the guidance of their teachers. These projects also fulfill state goals. Students become very involved when given more responsibility in their own learning process which is engaged learning. Students also engage in video projects that are co-curricular such as the taping of special events, news shows and club activities. For more information, please contact the teachers, principal, or media director of Peacock Middle School.

The control room houses many equipment groupings needed for video production. The Control Panel cart houses the title maker, the video mixer, the video digital recorder, the audio mixer, and accompanying monitors. This is portable for work in the gym for large special events if needed. Special video cables connect the control panel to equipment in the Studio room or to video cameras. All of our video equipment has been secured through our video broadcast specialist the Roscor Company.

Avid video editing stations are also grouped in this room. Other duplicating, play back equipment, and assorted decks used with our editing equipment are used in this area. We can edit and output our video projects in a variety of formats, including the WEB. Please browse through some of our web movie clips available throughout this site.

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The studio room is is where some video projects are taped. Others are created in the classroom or off site. We currently use two cameras for two different view points on the talent performing. We could use a third in the future for rotation of shots and to accommodate different talent groups. Studio bookings are growing in frequency which means that the studio cameras are not available for other uses. More small portable video cameras for classroom use will be needed in the future to accommodate the demand.

Lighting in the studio room is specialized to the Studio environment. We are currently using a starter grouping of lighting equipment. We hope to secure more spotlights, gels, scrims, etc. as recommended by our video lighting specialists at Barbizon. Chroma Key effects will be better accommodated pending the arrival of supporting decks for this purpose.

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